Yakamoz S-245 review | Disaster Thriller Netflix series 2022

Yakamoz S-245 review: Yakamoz S-245 is a disaster thriller series that was recently released on Netflix, this series has a total of 7 episodes to watch, and it is available in the Hindi language as English.

Yakamoz S-245 is a spin-off of Netflix’s show Into the Night but you do not have to watch Into the Night series because both shows do not have any special connection with each other, without watching Into the Night you can watch Yakamoz S-245 series.

Both these shows are part of the same franchise so the Yakamoz S-245 series is connected to some events in Into the Night. In case you have watched Into the Night series then you will be able to understand the Yakamoz series better.

Yakamoz S-245 review


To be very honest the concept of this series is quite fascinating, the story is of some scientists who are on an underwater research mission, but the twist in the story comes when they come out of the water and find out that people in our world are dying because of sunlight.

To avoid sunlight, these people take shelter underwater, and then what will these people have to do for their survival, this is the story of this series.

Yakamoz S-245 Netflix

This series is not well written or well-executed but still, if you like to watch survival thrillers or disaster thrillers then you can watch this series. The start of this series is slow, personally, after watching 2-3 episodes I can connect with the story and characters.

The second half gives more tension, intensity, or thrill as compared to the first half plus you will also get to see some intense action, in the story some twists and turns also come.

The end of the series is also pretty good which excites you for its season 2. Yes, season 2 of this series will also come.

The performances of all the actors in the show were good. Nice to see the way character emotions are shown, the overall music and production value are also damn good.

Weak Points

According to me the length of this series is long it would be better if this series ended in 5 episodes, the beginning of this series was slow and I felt the character’s development was a little bit weak.

Some things have been put unnecessarily in the story, which does not make any sense.


Overall Yakamoz S-245 is a good thriller series that I found decent I am sure a younger audience will like this series more if you like watching survival or disaster thriller shows then enjoy this series once without keeping your expectations too high.

So guys this was my Yakamoz S-245 review I hope you like it make sure to follow our blog to read the latest movies and series reviews.

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