Instagram will soon test ultra-tall photos to match its full-screen Reels

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Instagram will soon test ultra-tall photos to match its full-screen Reels

Videos are everywhere. Ever since Tik Tok took over the world with its short clips, all major platforms have been trying to become video first.

Recently Instagram announced a new update which was backed by the aim to become video first. Unfortunately, users were not happy with the announcement and Instagram had to roll back the update.

But, this does not mean that Instagram will not be pushing videos. In a recent interview, it’s CEO mentioned that they are testing a new update which will change the user’s experience of Instagram’s timeline.

What is the new update in Instagram? 

Basically, Instagram is planning to change how you view photos on the app. Currently, we see photos in the 4:5 ratio because of which the vertical photos have to be cropped while uploading. Instagram wants to tackle this issue and give its users a richer experience.

According to the app’s CEO, they have already started testing out a new 9:16 aspect ratio for images.

This new ratio for the photos will enable users in viewing even vertical pictures without any crop.

While one of the reasons behind this new update is to give the user a better experience while browsing through pictures, but, the main aim is to get the users more used-to to the reel format.

With Tik Tok gaining massive popularity within a span of a few months, Instagram had been trying hard to stay ahead in the game and maintain its reputation of being people’s  go to platform for documenting moments and interacting with their friends. 

The new update has also received some mixed responses so far. We can only wait for the official update to launch.

What do you think of Instagram’s new updates recently?

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