How To Use GooglePay To Make In-store Purchases From Your Android Phone

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How To Use Google Pay To Make Purchases

With the help of the mobile payment software Google Pay, you may make contactless payments or online purchases. Additionally, you may manage your money, track personal spending, add virtual credit cards, and swap money with others.

Google intended for the app to be the default payment method on Android phones, but iPhone users can also use it, albeit without the tap-to-pay feature they receive with Apple Pay. Let’s examine how to utilize Google Pay on an iPhone and an Android device.

A digital wallet connected to your Google account is called Google Pay. With an Android headset or watch running Wear OS, you can use it to give or request money among families (same like Venmo), use it to pay for stuff in apps, and use it at the cafeteria. The fact that it is quicker and more secure than using an actual debit or credit card, however, may be the real justification for utilizing Google Pay.

In 2018, Google Pay replaced Android Pay and Google Wallet. Google Pay operates without transmitting merchants your actual card details. Essentially, Google Pay uses a sign called a virtual account to send payments rather than your credit card or debit card credentials, which are stored safely on Google’s servers. Google has expanded the app’s functionality over time. Membership cards, gift cards, transportation cards, and even special offers for specific goods and services can all be used and stored.

But first, we must set up Google Pay before we can take advantage of all its benefits.

You may get a detailed tutorial on utilizing Google Pay in this article.

Step 1 – Install Google Pay

The Google Pay app needs to be downloaded first. On iOS, Google Pay is also available. The setup instructions for the iOS version of the app are identical to those for the Android version.

  1. To install the app, download it from the Google Play Store.
  2. Click the Get Started option in the Google Pay app after opening it.
  3. After that, click Link to Gmail. You will be prompted with a box asking for approval to provide Google Pay admission to your device’s location.
  4. In order to alert you when you are in a location that accepts Google Pay or makes use of your loyalty cards, Google Pay needs to know where you are. Tap the blue-lettered Turn button to access the locate feature.
  5. The Google Pay app has four tabs at the bottom: Home, Payment, Passes, and Send. Click the Add Payment Method button after selecting the Payment tab.

Simply select the Home tab. Click the blue Set It Up button under Pay with Your Phone in Stores. It will offer you to link your credit or debit card to the GooglePay app on your phone if you already have one linked to your Google account (perhaps for the Google Play store or another Google service). a little bit spooky, but mainly helpful.

  1. The option to add a new card to your account is also available. To do this, select add a New Card, then place your card in the resulting camera window. Confirm the card’s termination date and CVC figure after the camera has taken an image of it.
  2. When you’re finished, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. Click the Accept & Continue button after reading the Terms of Service.
  3. After your bank has verified your card, you’ll see a notice informing you that Google Pay will be utilized with your lock screen. Click the blue Got It icon at the bottom once you have understood that.
  4. You will then arrive at the screen asking you to verify your card. Decide where you want the verification number to be sent. You can have it sent to your phone number or email address depending on the card. Select what you want, then tap Continue. Enter the number in the field on the screen for the verification number after receiving it, and then click the Submit button.

Step 2 – Set a default credit card for Google Pay

On Google Pay, you can save multiple cards and even designate one as the default card.

  1. Tap the saved card that you want to make the default.
  2. Tap the Default for in-store payments slider button when the card’s details screen appears. About a minute passes before turning blue.

How to make use of Google Pay in restaurants, shops, and ATMs

Look for the wireless payment emblem at a register to use Google Pay in a shop or restaurant. It’s the one that resembles a hand holding a square piece of cheese over a platter of angular hotdogs that are getting longer and longer.

When you see the icon, unlock your phone and hold it a few inches from the register so that Google Pay may automatically open with your default card. Like Apple Pay, Google Pay connects to a register via NFC.

While using your phone to make purchases may be interesting, Google Pay is capable of much more. It enables you to use your phone to withdraw cash from an ATM. For instance, you can use an ATM with a contactless reader to make a money withdrawal if you have a Chase debit card linked to Google Pay. Of course, you still have to do that and enter the PIN for your debit card.

Google Pay lets you send and receive money

However, Google Pay offers more than just a way to use your phone in place of physical cards.

Like with Venmo and Zelle, you can send and request cash from your friends and family.

  1. Launch the Google Pay app to send money.
  2. Press the Request or Send Money button.
  3. Next, decide which contact you want to ask for or donate money to.
  4. If the sender or recipient is not among your contacts, enter their phone number or email instead.
  5. They can give you their Google Pay QR scan if they have it installed on their phone.

You can send or receive money with GooglePay directly from your browser

  1. Visit and log in to
  2. Choose the Send or Request Money tab next.
  3. Select Request Money or Send Money.
  4. Enter the amount of money you wish to send or request, followed by the recipient’s contact details (phone, email, or name to retrieve information from their business card).
  5. At last, select Send or Request.

Use Google Pay on apps and websites

Additionally, Google Pay is available at the point of sale on websites and in applications like Caviar, Starbucks, and Airbnb. Simply press the Google Pay icon whenever you see it at the checkout on a website or in an app.

In order to make your Google Pay transactions easier

  • To display transaction information and history for you
  • To remedy a Google Pay issue you’re having
  • To provide you access to more Google Pay features
  • Despite how simple it all seems, the phrase “additional Google Pay features” leaves the door open for targeted advertisements. However, if you already use Gmail, you’re essentially allowing Google to do the same thing.

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