How to share Google One storage with Family

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How to share Google One storage with Family

The Google One cloud storage subscription service is geared toward the general public. The 15GB of storage provided by the free plan is split across Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. There are several paid subscription plans available with storage space options of 100 GB, 200 GB, 2 TB, and 10 TB.

You can increase the storage space in your Google account by using the premium cloud storage service Google One. It makes sense to share Google One with your family if you are paying for it and have enough storage available.

Here’s how you can give family members or friends access to your Google One storage. Family members can be added to Google One and storage can be shared. You can easily share your storage with others regardless of the plans you use.

Before beginning, there are a few things you should understand about this sharing:

  • Anyone in your family or circle of friends is welcome to use your Google One subscription. However, in the previous 12 months, that specific person must not have been a member of another family.
  • You are simply sharing your Google One subscription’s free storage by doing this. All of your private documents, images, and data won’t be shared unless and until you manually do so.
  • Once everyone who has been added has used up their 15 GB of included free storage, everyone will be able to use the shared storage.
  • A person who has an account with a school, place of employment, or other organization is not permitted to share your subscription. The user needs a legitimate Gmail account.
  • All of the member’s data will remain intact after removal, but they won’t be able to add any new content.

We’ll demonstrate how to share your Google One account with family members in this article.

Share Google One With Family: Instructions

  • You need a family group and a Google One subscription to share storage with your family. If you are traveling with relatives, move on to the following section.
  • You will need to form a Family Group if you don’t.
  • Visit the Google Family website.
  • Go to your Google account and log in. With a Google One subscription, make sure you’re utilizing the right account if you have several accounts.
  • Then click Get Started. Make a family together.
  • By choosing contacts from the Suggestions list, you can invite family members to join your Family group. By manually entering their email address, you can also invite contacts who aren’t included in this section. Google family invitations have a five-person maximum and expire after two weeks.
  • Next, click on the send button

Google will send an email inviting the invited individuals to join your family group. You will receive a notification from Google if they accept the invitation. Be careful to use a personal Google account if you experience issues setting up a family group.

Invitees must reside in the same country as you and cannot currently be or have recently been a member of another family group.

Time required: 5 minutes

To give your family members access to your Google one storage:

  • Visit now.
  • To manage family settings, select Settings.
  • Slider next to “Share Google One with family” should be turned on.

Once they’ve used up their 15GB of complimentary Google One storage, family members will have access to your additional storage if that option is enabled. Family members can access the same storage, but they cannot view each other’s files (including the group manager).

Share Your Google Drive with Your Family

The only method to increase your Google account’s storage is through Google One, but even then, the added space is frequently much more than you require. A fantastic way to make the most of your money and use up the storage is to share it with family members.

How to unsubscribe a member from the Google One family

Following these steps will remove someone from the Google One family.

  • Your browser to
  • Register a Google account.
  • To remove a member, click on them.
  • Select “REMOVE MEMBER” from the menu.
  • Enter the password for your Google account.
  • Select REMOVE from the menu.
  • Let’s examine these actions in more detail.

Open in your browser and sign in with your Google account first. The master account you used to acquire the Google One subscription must be this one.

The family members you added to share the storage can then be found. To remove a family member, choose the person you wish to do so from the list and click the REMOVE MEMBER button.

Following that, you must input your Google account password and select REMOVE. The user will no longer be accessible in your shared storage.

How do I include my family in Google Drive?

You must adhere to the aforementioned instructions to add family to Google storage or Google One. There is no secret technique or anything else, as Google provides a choice. Additionally, adding or sharing family members to your Google storage does not cost extra. To continue receiving this advantage, you must still have a Google One subscription that is active.


Google One can be used by several users, yes. You can share your storage with up to 5 people simultaneously, depending on your plan from Basic to Premium. However, there won’t be a fair distribution of the storage. When opposed to that, it will be used up as users add files to Google Drive.

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